Life As A Game

Life As A Game

30 Days of Play is an experiment.  What if we didn’t take things so seriously?  What if we took the complexity out, and put the play back in?  That’s exactly what we’re doing!

Around here our job is simple: just play! And don’t worry, we won’t leave you to figure anything out on your own.  We will be right here playing along too.  No matter what, we are in this together.

Each day, for thirty days straight, a new blog post will appear.  Within the post, a challenge will be given.  Read the post, and apply the game of the day to your life.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Oh, and please comment and share along the way.  People love that, and I especially do!

There are no wrong ways to play.  Well, maybe, if you make it too serious.  I mean you can still participate, but you will probably take all the fun out of it.  Don’t do that.

Let yourself be free again.  Play like the world is watching.  They just might be.