Day 1 – Stop And Smell The Roses

Day 1 – Stop And Smell The Roses

Any flowers will do for smelling.  Roses just happen to be my favorite.  Do not get all cynical on me just yet.  I bet you’re thinking, ‘blah, blah, stop and smell the roses; it’s so cliché.’  I know silly, that’s why I picked it!  Day One of this adventure is designed to be simple.  To get your motor running.  Lob one over the plate, so you can knock it out of the park!  It’s a game, remember?

And, today, the game is simple…play with flowers.  All day.  (Yes, ALL day.)  When it gets stressful, smell them.  When you feel sad, buy them.  When someone needs some love, send them.

Here’s a rare opportunity to buy yourself flowers.  Yup, you, for your very own smelling pleasure.  Of course, feel free to buy flowers for someone else, but only if it makes YOU happy.  Or, you can absolutely do both!  The good ole ‘one for me, one for you’ deal.  Remember that from when you were little? The grocery store has them cheap, so grab a few bouquets and spread the joy.

Wait, you don’t want to spend too much money? Okay, then just smell the ones at the store.  Stand there for an awkward amount of time, smelling your little heart out, until someone asks you what in the world you are doing.  Then, invite them to play too!  Strangers have done stranger things.

What’s that?  You are too “manly” for flowers?  Just find one, and pin it to your shirt like you are heading to prom.  It’s a game for God’s sake!  Plus, girls like a guy confident enough to be gentle with the petals of a flower.  (Wink, wink.) Corny, but oh, so true.

This, my friends, is a line of demarcation.  We are letting life know we are about to take it on!  “Get ready life, we are coming for you!”  We will do this simple task, grab the beautiful moments it creates, and cherish them.  Life moves so fast sometimes; this small action will slow it down long enough for us to get on board.

If you find yourself getting particular about it then STOP.  If you are trying to find the “right” flowers to smell, then you’ve missed the point.  If you need the “perfect” person to send them to, they don’t exist. (News flash, no one’s perfect…send them anyway.)

Flowers are the simplest way to remind ourselves that while there is plenty messed up in the world, God made some unbelievably amazing stuff too.  Enjoy it.

Now, go forth, and smell on people!!!

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  1. I have been “smelling the roses” for as long as I can recall, but only recently started buying myself flowers. Thanks, Kammie.🌹

  2. Love this! I will make more time to stop and smell the roses (flowers) . Thank you Kammie. Much love and blessings to you❤

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