Day 2 – Survive

Day 2 – Survive


I have breast reconstruction surgery today.  Granted, I plan on surviving today’s events.  It does however make for a busy day.  Don’t worry, I’m not copping out.  I have something special planned for us.  You will soon learn that I can make a game out of anything, and today is no exception.  When life gives us it’s most undesirable moments, games are a beautiful response.

Some of you already know, I am married to a character of a human being named Jamie. He cracks me up a ton of the time.  Jamie plays with me constantly, and consistently.  Those two “C’s” in the world of games are HUGE.  It simply means he’s up for fun most of the time, and doesn’t take life to seriously.  We get each other.

I’m not sure when it started, but early in our relationship Jamie and I created a game I’m going to call Survive.  Three and a half years later we’re still playing, and given what we’re up to today it’s perfect timing.  The game can become necessary when one of us spots a look of defeat in the other’s eyes.  Other times, if it is a particularly tough day, a call ahead is necessary, so the other is ready and waiting.   “Hurry!  Close the door!” one of us yells to the other.  At that point, whoever happens to be closest makes a mad dash for the front door.  BAM!  It closes with a thud.  On occasion, our house rocks from the force.   “We made it!  Quick, lock the world out!”  We are instantly at ease.  All that matters now is contained within the walls of our home.  A giant exhale pours relief from our bodies.   “We survived.  No one got us today.”  Safety.  Peace.  Security.  Our worst-case scenario did not reach us today.  We made it back to home base alive.  It’s a win.

I have a friend, Renee, who is sadly unable to say the same.  With her permission, I am sharing a bit of her story here.  Renee is an enormous gift in my life, and I am grateful for her every day.  If I’m feeling sorry for myself, Renee almost automatically pops into my mind.  It’s like a “get over yourself free card.”  With Renee present in my thoughts, it is impossible for me to complain, whine, or get too significant about anything life has thrown my way.

Renee is the mother of two smart, extremely funny, beautiful children named Lindsay and Jerry.  Lindsay and Jerry both died at the age of nineteen from drug and alcohol related deaths.  Two children, born years apart, both dead at age nineteen.  To emphasize the point, this means they didn’t die at the same time, but roughly the same age.  Renee mourns the loss of them both daily.  Wow.  I know.  As if that isn’t enough, her husband died unexpectedly not too long ago too.  There aren’t many words that can follow any of that, but God knows I’m going to try. Why?  Because I have a point, silly.

I don’t share that to make you sad.  It is meant to be empowering if you choose to let it be.  See, Renee still wakes up every day. Some days she chooses to pull the covers back over her head, but after the next morning or so, she’s back out in the world again.  Sometimes Renee army crawls through life dragging her body places her spirit knows she belongs.  Other days, her joy is found in friends and family that hold her close.  Renee is hope.  Renee is survival.  And because God blessed me, she is my friend.

Renee makes days like today possible for me.  I can play during the worst of it, because Renee continues to exist.  If she can do it, so can I.  Its victory, not defeat.

Tonight, when Jamie and I get home from a long scary day at the hospital, one of us (likely Jamie, lol) will run and slam the door.  “We made it!” will be yelled at the top of our lungs.  Then, we will bask in the glory of winning today’s game.   “We survived.”

Just survive today my friend.  It’s enough.  Trust me.

Tomorrow, we live to play another day.

7 Replies to “Day 2 – Survive”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how God works in people’s lives. During the worst tragedies in someone else’s life, he teaches others to appreciate what some simply take for granted. Renee is an inspiration and so are you Kammie!

  2. I Love this one mom. This is so sweet how you shared Ms.Renee’s story. I never got to meet her children but I know they would have been awesome people to hang out with. Mom I’m so proud of you, this journey is a pain, but we make the best of the worst. You, Ms. Renee and anyone else surviving something hard, not even super hard just hard, are the definitions of heroes. I love you. This blog really brings people back into the real world.

  3. Well, I survived! Lol. It was quite the day.

    As I was wheeled into the operating room, I asked Ron, the anesthesiologist, if the anesthesia was going to be the same as last time? His response, “Something like that.” No Ron, no…it was nothing like that! The first time I woke up like sleeping beauty, and this time like a punch drunk boxer. 😂

    Most importantly though, “we made it!” BAM!💗