Day 3 – 5 Loving Things

Day 3 – 5 Loving Things

There are some days when more love is needed than others.  For me, today is one of those days.  So, this post is about bringing that extra love into existence.  The love I am referring to is for you too.  It’s for us.  Today is about loving ourselves.  Wait!  I know I lost some of you right there.  Come back!  I felt exactly like you.  I promise I have a new view.  My games are all about different ways of looking at things.  This is going to be fun!

At the ripe young age of thirty-seven I finally learned to love myself.  I had just gotten divorced and was living alone for the first time in my life.  I was petrified, and completely off my rocker!  Any of my close family and friends can tell you.  I cried constantly, had panic attacks, and the only food I could eat was a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonalds.  It was no exaggeration to say I was at the lowest point of my life.  I realize this doesn’t sound fun yet, but hang in there…I’m getting to the good part.

I learned two very important things after I stopped resisting being alone.  One, left to myself I am extremely happy, and two, I am a lot to handle.  Those of you who know me know the truth of these two statements; however, it was the self-realization of those two statements that changed my life.  It was there, alone and scared, in that apartment where I began to love myself for the first time.

Here comes the fun part!  Since I had tons of time to spend alone with myself, and I was such a handful, I needed to find ways to entertain me.  That, my friend, is where the game began: 5 Loving Things.  I took on doing five loving things a day for myself.  It was hard at first, but I needed a challenge.  I started small.  First, I would play with little things like, pick out a cute outfit to wear to work, or get a manicure and/or pedicureGet a massage was a nice way to chill out.  One that made a huge difference for me was, say nice things to myself all day.  Then I started to really have fun and add on awesome things like, go on an adventure, and try something new.

At first, it didn’t quite feel right, but I kept at it.  It took some time to get used to it.   It felt weird being so nice to myself, but that didn’t last long.  After a few days, it started feeling really good.  It started to feel like the way I had always wanted to be treated.  I was absolutely in love…with myself.  And I haven’t stopped loving me yet.  I doubt I ever will.

I hope this post inspires you to do the same.  Go ahead, make a list of 5 Loving Things you can do for yourself today.   Let the love affair begin!  Below is my list for the day.  Hope it makes you smile.

5 Loving Things

  1. Reach out to a friend and ask them to visit.
  2. Paint nails.
  3. Watch a movie that inspires me.
  4. Put on makeup and feel pretty.
  5. Smile and eat a giant salad.

9 Replies to “Day 3 – 5 Loving Things”

  1. Ok I’m going to try this i’m not really good at doing things for myself or saying nice things to my self but i will try it!!

  2. This one is hard for many people..we tend to leave that job for everyone else to do for return we are often left disappointed. I mean, who would really know how to.. if we don’t value ourselves enough to be good to our own being. It’s then that we are able to help others love one is a mind reader after all right? It’s within the last year I’m really learning this sad but true! So, I’m rebuilding! Kammie, you are a huge part of that! I doubt you even knew that! You are a blessing! So, yesterday I started “taking out the trash” I have been storing for awhile..let it be someone else’s was doing no good for me lol.
    Sorry my comment is so long. Now I’m off to start my 5 things today! It is hard to start, but I know I’m worth it 😉
    Love you !

  3. I have taken on doing loving things for myself.😊 Now, I will practice saying loving things for myself.😊 Thanks, Kammie🌹

  4. Hmmm, a very hard challenge for me… Unfortunately. I’m running behind but I am catching up! 5 things huh, ok. You are my biggest inspiration Kammie.. I love you

  5. Wow, this one is a very tough challenge for me Kammie. Thank you for being a blessing! Much love to you, Jamie and ur family ❤