Day 4 – Ask for Help

Day 4 – Ask for Help

Today’s game is Ask for Help.  It’s a simple one.  Ask two people for help.  I’m a little worried my being laid up recovering may be a detriment to our game.  I usually create games from being out in the world engaging with people.  I’m concerned my situation is holding us back, but I’m not going to let that stop us!  Our games will start small, and build.  It’s going to get more exciting later…just you wait and see!

Now, back to today.  Is there something you’ve always wanted to do?  Ask for help!  Something you’ve always wanted to try, but you just weren’t sure you could?  Ask for help!  Is there a project around the house that having an extra hand would make a difference? Can you not put on your own pants and tie your own shoes?  (Totally, me right now.)  Then ask for help!

Believe it or not, for most people, asking for help is a big deal.  It stops me quite often.  Thankfully, I realized numerous times that my life grows in leaps and bounds when I humble myself enough to ask for help.  The goals I want to achieve and the dreams I want to accomplish cannot be fulfilled on my own.  I need people.  I need you.  There is a certain vulnerability that comes with asking someone for help.  Each day I am learning to feel that vulnerability, let it pass, then ask away!

I have a small army of friends.  I’m a lucky girl.  Each of them are unique with many talents.  So many are helpful beyond measure.  They lift me up and make my life work.  A specific friend on my mind as I write this is my friend, Ray.  Ray is a computer smarty-pants.  I would normally say computer geek, but Ray is no geek.  He’s one cool dude!  He is the reason we are communicating right now.  A little over a month ago I reached out and asked Ray for help.  His answer, “Yes.”  “But wait, you don’t even know what’s all involved,” I said.  “Doesn’t matter.  I would help you with anything.”  I told you Ray was a cool dude.  This blog was given life from that conversation.  It was easy thanks to Ray.  Now, if you rewind three months prior, when the blog idea was in my head spinning around making me crazy, you would see that was the hard part.  Asking for help is easy.  The opposite?  Not so much.  Somehow most of us have these confused.

To be responsible, I must address the opposing side of asking for help…giving it.  Be a YES!  Be a Ray.  When someone calls and asks for help, empower them!  Saying those three little letters together makes such a difference for another human being.  Just remember how much effort it took for them to ask in the first place.  Honor their effort, and don’t forget to ask for what you need too!

Ask for Help

  1. Ray, can you help me fix the blog, so people can post comments, and don’t get accused of being “robots?”
  2. Leo, will you help check my grammar?
  3. Bonus: Jamie, will you help me get a stinkin’ shower?!?!

8 Replies to “Day 4 – Ask for Help”

  1. Kammie,thank you so much for the recognition. But the brains behind this whole blog is you! Any “geek” (which I consider a compliment) could do what I’ve done and maybe even better. But its you that inspires us all. Its my honor and pleasure that you reached out to me. I will do whatever I can……

  2. I love this! I’m going to ask:
    -) Jamie to teach me how operate a big piece of equipment! 🙂
    2) Jamie to help me plan the Daytona trip!

  3. Ray Rocks! 😎 Leo Rocks! 😎 Kammie Rocks! 😎 (And Jamie Rocks Too! 😎) Rock On! 😎 😎 😎 😎

  4. Asking for help is awesome. It also pays to have great people around you willing to lend a hand. People are not longer robots on the blog, I have more and more confidence around my grammar each post, and I don’t stink! Lol. Thanks for the help guys!