Day 5 – Smile All Day

Day 5 – Smile All Day

Yup, you heard me right.  Smile allllll day!  There are few mood boosters more powerful than a smile.  Go ahead and give it a try.  It works like a charm.  Just turn the corners of your mouth up, and let joy do the rest.  This is one of my favorite games!

For the skeptics out there, what do you have to lose?  I don’t want to be too confident, but I can pretty much guarantee that a smile will overpower any emotion.  To quote, Steele Magnolias, one of the greatest chick flicks ever, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”  Smiles most definitely cut through sadness too.

Smile All Day is a game I like to play when I feel overwhelmed or annoyed.  You know those days when life seems to have lost its joy?  Smile, and see how quickly things turn around!  It’s like a little flare that goes up in the sky letting all of humanity know you are still alive.

I just tried it with Mya.  She was being a huge grumpy pants because the day she wanted to have, laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing, was not going to happen.  I swear I created the game in my mind, and Mya’s ego came to challenge it.  Thankfully, I was present enough not to get triggered.  After she was finished stomping around, pouting, and throwing the teenage version of a temper tantrum, I took her into the bathroom and stood behind her in front of the mirror.  I held her tight, and smiled my best Kool-Aid smile.  The change didn’t happen instantly for Mya.  I will admit, I kinda had to peel her lips apart to free her teeth, but once the edges of her mouth curved she was done.  I totally had her!  We laughed, and the beauty of the game took over.  I bet some of you are excited to know it works on teenagers.  Just be careful…sometimes they bite!

Is it really possible to smile all day?  It sure is, but go ahead and try to prove me wrong!

12 Replies to “Day 5 – Smile All Day”

  1. Like my dad always said, “leave them laughing”. (He may have been quoting someone else, but it was a good one.)
    I always say, “If I break a nail while doing something I’m not doing that again!”, then I broke one while shopping…ugh.😆

  2. I have to volunteer today at one of the rec centers and I intend to do JUST WHAT YOU SUGGEST!! No matter what happens today with the public, I will SMILE through it and think of YOU while I’m doing it! You are my hero, Kammie!!!! My love is with you to the moon and back!

  3. I know the people who know how to smile more than others… you can tell by the lovely wrinkles by their eyes! Stop the botox and let real life and joy be evident on your face. Happy Smiling!

  4. You made me smile just reading this! Especially the part about teenagers biting. I had my own battle with mine yesterday. Now mine didnt quite like yours, but maybe I will try your technique next time! Lol Love you!

  5. Great job mom! I love this one especially because I’m in it. This is hard to do especially when you have attitude problems (ME) but you helped me through it and I had a smile that lasted all day long. I love you. Your doing a wonderful job.

  6. I love to smile, but sometimes it’s a little difficult. I’m going to do it today. Love you Kammie