Day 6 – Top 3

Day 6 – Top 3

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all there is to do in life?  Do you have trouble getting your mental motor started in the morning?  Good, that makes you human, and a great contender to play Top 3!  You will need a buddy for this game, so start thinking of someone as I set the stage.

Top 3 is a game my friend Leo and I created.  Leo is a bad-ass of a human being who defines courage for me and has an enormous heart.  Two amazing qualities to find in a friend, and especially in a playmate.  We hit it off right away!  Our worlds collided at a course we took at Landmark Education.  If you have never heard of Landmark Education, do yourself a favor, and check out this link. Then, sign yourself up.  Best money you will ever spend.

Back to the game!  One night, in a course designed to teach us how to launch a community project, Leo and I bonded over commiserating about our busy lives.  “How in the heck am I going to find time to work on a community project?  I can barely get stuff done in my own life.  And why the hell is it so hot in here?” I complained.  “Oh my God, I hear ya!  I’m dying!” Leo laughed, fanning himself with a piece of paper like me.  I shared my love of peppermint oil for hot flashes, and I swear in that moment we became thick as sweaty thieves.  We went on for another few minutes complaining, coming up with excuses, and blaming our circumstances for our lack of motivation.  It was just what we both needed to calm our hormones and relieve our stress.

For me, the beauty of being within the walls of Landmark is that the excuses, complaints, and overall bad attitudes don’t last more than a few minutes. I just don’t allow it.  I am there for a reason, and feeling sorry for myself is not it.  Plus, that night, Leo and I were being trained to go beyond our selves to make a difference in communities that matter to us.  Thankfully, neither of us was willing to be derailed from our mission for long.  We got to discussing, what if, instead of beating ourselves up, we only took on what we could manage in a day?  What if each day was simplified and broken down into bite size pieces?  Bam!  Top 3 was spoken into existence!

“Let’s play a game,” I excitedly blurted out like an energy filled Chihuahua!  “Tell me more,” replied Leo.  “Each day we text each other our Top 3 things we want to get accomplished. Then, we check them off throughout the day and encourage each other.  Sound like a plan?” I questioned.  “I’m in!  And when we are done we can send over the little green checkmark on our phone! Just say, done! So, rewarding!” added Leo.  The game was officially on!

I have the privilege of knowing exactly what we created day one.  For an organized girl who doesn’t save much, my cell phone messages beg to differ.  I love all my conversations with people.  They give me life.  That next morning, I started with, “1. Pay my bills 2. Get a new screen protector 3. Go to the gym.”  Leo replied with, “1. Go to the gym 2. Make a bold request on Facebook to see if someone can help me find an apartment 3. Put my damn clothes away!”

I cherish this game and the spirit behind it.  It was created May of last year.  Leo and I still play it to this day.  It doesn’t happen every day, and truthfully it isn’t necessary to play every day.  The part I love the most is when we haven’t spoken for a while and a message pops up on my phone.  “Top 3…”  It’s our way of letting each other know we are there.  Reminding ourselves and the other that our sanity is on the other side of three little tasks.  God didn’t create the world in one day, and we don’t have to either.

Top 3

  1.  Write blog post.
  2.  Sort through mail that is piling up.
  3.  Have dinner with Jamie and Mya.

11 Replies to “Day 6 – Top 3”

  1. 1. Return borrowed items.✔
    2. Deliver birthday card.✔
    3. Help Michele put Christmas away.✔
    1. Put clothes away.
    2. Sort for donation day.
    3. Organize front room.
    4. Thank Kammie for great idea. ✔
    Thanks Kammie 💜

    1. ✔✔
      1. Take Olivia to the groomer.✔
      2. Put that laundry away. Lol.😂
      3. Untangle new chimes.

  2. Top 3
    1. Try not to allow all the stresses of my life eat at me today

    2. Pray

    3. Go to my exercise class

  3. 1. Stick with the Weight Watcher plan I’m on (I “fell off the wagon yesterday”)
    2. Write to a dear friend in England who I have neglected for way to long.
    3. Tell a stranger to “have a nice day”!

  4. 1. Buy faucet for shower (finally bought tile)
    2. Get started with PTA organizing luncheon
    3. Go to bed on time (put down the wine and turn off tv)