Day 8 – Be Still

Day 8 – Be Still

Being still is simple, not easy.  For some, it’s no problem, but for the rest of us, it takes something.  I must admit; however, when I put stillness into my daily life it becomes natural.  Please note, I said natural, not easy.  When I haven’t done it for a while, like now, it is comparable to a calf at a rodeo running for dear life trying not to get lassoed.  Being still takes intention. Today we will purposefully sit ourselves down, clear our minds, and be still.

One of my best friends (who doesn’t actually know he’s my best friend…yet) is Tony Robbins.  He lights me up!  Until I “met” Tony the whole concept of meditation was lost on me.  I couldn’t see the point in sitting still when what I needed to be doing was running around accomplishing all the things that would be on my mind if I sat still.  Sound familiar?

Tony Robbins changed my view about meditation.  He starts his day with something he calls an “Hour of Power.”  Pretty impressive, huh?  An hour!  Thankfully, for those of us who can’t hogtie ourselves down that long, he condenses it to “Fifteen Minutes of Fulfillment.”  Google either of those terms and let the master explain them to you.  I wouldn’t do them justice.  I simply wanted to share that when I attempt to be still, it’s Tony’s method that is the most rewarding for me.  Gifting myself fifteen minutes is a beautiful start.

Gratefully, I trick myself into stillness using the skills Tony taught me.  Yes, trick.  If I were to do it any other way it would never happen.  Here, let me explain…

Kammie, it’s going down today.   You have been putting it off for way too long.  You said last night it was happening at 6 am.  It’s 5:50, so get to it!  Sometimes, to get myself moving, I need to talk tough.  Ok, grab your iPod.  You know music helps you get where we are going.  I stumble to my purse and grab my iPod.  I search for the Braveheart soundtrack.  For some reason, my meditating mind loves Celtic music.  Don’t judge.  Now, grab that thin pillow off the bench.  You know the one that helps make your hips sit flat.  I know you lost one of those pillows at Mya’s cheer competition.  That’s not important. Focus!

Then, I sit my butt on the cushion, earbuds in place, playlist ready.  The music fills my ears and mind.  I start to focus on my breathing.  Then I escape into fifteen minutes of nothing but pure bliss and silence.  It’s the most wonderful experience ever!  Totally joking.  Just wanted to see if you were still paying attention.  It takes something, remember?

The next part is fun though.  I reach up to the sky, pull my arms down as fast as I can, and exhale when they almost reach my shoulders.  Over and over again!  Just like Tony says!  I do this until I am out of breath or my arms get tired.  Probably like 20 times, for 3 sets.  I am reaching to the sky, and pulling down all the energy I can get my hot little hands on.  (It will feel ridiculous at first but stick with it.)  I knew I was starting to master the art of meditation when my arms were sore the next day from raising them up and down so hard and so fast.  Who knew meditation could double as a workout?!?

At this point, I check in with my body.  Roll my shoulders, make circles with my neck, and get present to the being that is me.  I encourage myself.  Good job girl, you are almost there.  I’m going to leave you to it.  You don’t need me anymore.  Just be present.   About this time is when the voice in my head leaves me alone.  I have trained it to recognize if I made it this far, then I can go the rest of the way alone.

Next, in my mind, I envision all the people and things for which I am grateful.  This part gets me.  Sometimes I cry.  I acknowledge the things I am lucky to possess.  I flood my mind with every person in my life I am blessed to know and love.  I give thanks for it all.  I become present and realize I am fortunate beyond words.

Finally, the last song of my playlist begins.  This is my cue to take all those blessings, all that love, all that energy, and give it back to the world.  To you.  It’s there, in that moment, where my stillness shows up.  My thoughts are no longer with me, and I am simply space sending love into the world.  “Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10 That verse from the Bible sums it up better than I ever could.  Stillness is the closest thing to God I have ever experienced.  Give yourself the gift of stillness today.  You deserve it.




10 Replies to “Day 8 – Be Still”

  1. Just want u to know i look forward to this every night.. it’s like your in my own head at times.. ur n inspiration my dear!

  2. It’s 4:45. I’m in bed…. and I’m going to be still. Please don’t let me sleep longer than an hour or I’ll be up all night. 🙂

    1. Cindy…wake up. It’s time to go to bed! Lol. It’s so cool you are playing!!! Thank you so much. xo

  3. Hello my kammie jayne! I’m so glad you found your happy place.
    Your aunt pammy loves you. You & I will get thru this.
    I went to the doctors yesterday. I’m going to have radiation again, but reading your posts will help me.

  4. Hi Kammie! Like you, I have a not just a hard time, but it’s almost impossible for me to be still. Meditation is on my bucket list. People that meditate say, “oh its simple”, not for me. My mind NEVER stops. I’m going to do this tomorrow when Freddie is at work. Sorry, I know I am behind, hence having a hard time to be still, lol. I love you Kammie

  5. Love it, its hard to find time for yourself when you have children and so many other things going on , i need to take time for me and be disciplined about it!!