Day 9 – Rest Relax Recharge

Day 9 – Rest Relax Recharge

I am in total need of this game.  We have been playing hard people!  Today’s game is all about taking it easy, giving yourself a break, and unplugging.  Tomorrow will be a big day, so rest, relax, and recharge my friend.  Today’s game:  Be asleep by 9 pm.

As I write this Mya is looking over my shoulder, and before the “m” in 9 pm is even typed she jumps up and yells, “I’m getting my shower first!”  She is halfway to the bathroom before I can say a word.  It is 6:38 pm.  Be a Mya tonight.  Play to win!  This is your moment.  Leave the dishes in the sink if you must.  Set the clocks thirty minutes ahead so your kids go down early.  Tell your significant other you have a headache.   Give your body what it needs…SLEEP!


7 Replies to “Day 9 – Rest Relax Recharge”

  1. After getting up at 4:30 am and being outside in the Florida cold (only 47 degrees today) we are headed in to our room to turn the tv on… no doubt Kristin and I will both be asleep by 9:00 pm tonight! 😘

  2. I just figured out how to join this…with the help of my other beautiful daughter! :-)!
    Keep it going, Kammie! we are all behind you hoping you feel the love and strength we send your way! Love ya!

  3. 735pm…I make the announcement, “I’m done, I got to go to bed, my eyeballs hurt”. Lol.😂

  4. Okay, not sure if you can tell that I’m doing this challenge backwards, lol. I have to do these when husband is asleep so I can concentrate. This one is easy, I’m in bed before 9pm every night, ha.

  5. Ugh… how does thinking i only missed one day turn into 4!!!??? I am catching up right now and its funny cause the past few nights my eyeballs are shut by 9!