Day 10 – Solve One of the World’s Problems

Day 10 – Solve One of the World’s Problems

I hope you rested up because today’s game is a big one:  Solve One of the World’s Problems.  Today we will play the game of problem solving.  Together we will throw a bunch of ideas at the wall of the universe and see which one sticks.  Your job:  come up with just one solution.  It can be something you are passionate about, or something you could easily solve without an issue.  Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Individually we are one drop.  Together we are an ocean.”  We will be the ocean of solutions that someone will swim in one day, and possibly change the world!  It could happen, and your solution just may be the one to make a huge difference.

It’s a game…remember?  So that means we must play nice with each other.  Be respectful.  Everyone in the world does not share your view.  Thank God.  It would be an extremely boring place if they did.  So, don’t forget, as you put on your thinking cap…be kind.  There are no perfect solutions in this world, and thankfully that is not why we are playing this game.  Today is about solving a problem as a possible solution…not the only solution.  It will be fun!

There is a saying, “The solution to one man’s problem is the creation of another.”  I checked and cannot for the life of me find out who said that, but I know it wasn’t me so I’m using quotes.  Whoever it was, he/she was a genius.  Think about it for a minute.  So often we try to fix one problem, and the solution effects something else.  Our world is a never-ending story of problems and solutions.  That’s why turning it into a game frees us up!

Today I hope to make my Mama proud.  I know she is already proud of me, but I am writing this in her honor.  The “selected image” for today is a picture of my Mom wearing her infamous “fur” coat. Turns out, it is not actually fur at all, so no worries PETA.  I have been mortified by my Mother wearing that coat.  I would cringe if she came out of the house sporting it.  That coat has been the butt of many jokes in my family.  Once, my Mom took it to be dry cleaned and was met with some resistance from the sweet Asian woman who worked there.  “Throw away.  Use money.  Buy real fur.”  My mom, who knew the real value of the coat, insisted the woman clean it.  A week later it was wrapped in plastic, and ready to be picked up.

On frigid days while my Mom waited at the bus stop coming to and from work, that coat saved her butt more than a few times.  And, it especially protected her during all those freezing cold January days, when she would wear it to the Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C.  I had been embarrassed of that coat for as long as I can remember, but on the bone-chilling January day when I joined my Mom on a march, I realized it’s value myself.  From that day on, I could not have been prouder of my Mom or that coat.

My Mother is Pro-Life.  She does not hold back sharing that with people.  She, like that wild coat, have laid miles of road to and from Washington, D.C. to let it be known.  I remember going with her that day.  I remember being in awe of the conviction, and the unwavering determination of the people who attended.  It touched me.  I could see their point.  They were there to protect life.   I can appreciate it so much more now given the lengths I am going to lately to save my own.

Fast forward fifteen or so years.  I am a Foster Mom.  I have a fourteen-year-old feisty teenage girl in my care.  I witness the pain in her face when she talks about her parents.  I hear the horror stories of her youth.  I see the struggle she deals with each and every day feeling loved by us, but wishing we were someone else…her real parents.  Sadly, they are not coming for her.  Their rights are terminated.  That is a glimpse into the life of a little girl that was wanted.  Abortion was on the table, but they choose to keep her.  That is our life.

Thankfully I have witnessed both sides.  The passion in my Mother’s eyes when she is defending life, and the heartbreak of a child born to people who were not ready or able to be parents. There is no easy solution, and as you know, there are all sorts of circumstances in between.  So today, I play this game for both my mother and my daughter.  In hopes that one day we will live in a world where neither of these problems exist.  I hope you feel the heart of where this is coming from and honor my attempt at a solution.  I hope you realize the love that comes from knowing both sides.

My attempt at solving one of the world’s problems:

For every person that believes in Pro-Life, that they sign on to become foster parents, or an advocate in the foster care system.  My prayer is that we take the first step by being responsible for the lives that are already here.  When someone has the choice, which I think is important, I hope they have the confidence of knowing their child will be taken care of and loved.


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  1. Oh dear Kammie, That is such a precious share. Thank you.
    So sorry to say that I am pro-choice. That being said, we did adopt our only child and gave life to her free from an orphanage. That’s my solution to the problem of wanting children and parents who don’t.

    1. Pro-Choice is a beautiful stand. No need to be sorry. Your solution of adoption for people who want children and parents who don’t is great. Pretty much exactly what I was saying…along with encouraging people to foster. That’s wonderful. What other world problem can you solve? What else do you have churning around in that head of yours that can make a difference? Something around Scleroderma? I know that’s your passion.

      1. Yes, that’s my passion he ever for this I am creating a world of unconditional love, with ease and grace. Today will hug a stranger! You?

  2. Big ugly tears here from this mama who adopted from foster care. So amazing to share your love with your daughter. ❤️ Funny you mentioned the ocean. My favorite place on earth 🌏. My wish is for people to stop sending balloons up to heaven. They don’t end up in heaven, they end up in the intestines of some amazing animals. I have witnessed first hand these long ribbons and twisted, deflated garbage wrapped around sea turtles and pulled from the insides of whales and dolphins. My wish is for everyone to enjoy their balloons and then stuff those ribbons and latex inside a detergent bottle.

    1. I love you Cindy. Thank you for playing. I once did a balloon send-off. I am sorry. I was young and didn’t realize the impact. I promise to never do it again, and encourage others to do the same. This was a beautiful solution. With love from a fellow foster Mama and ocean lover. xoxo

  3. Omg. Best game yet, this is my jam!!

    Ok here is my solution; In my view one of the roots of almost every “problem” in the world is that we as humans have an option to view other humans as “other than me”.

    In the history of the world almost every humanitarian crisis we have ever faced can be traced to creating “other”. Seriously think about it. Any genocide that has ever happened, racism, sexism, homophobia…discrimination of any form can only exist and be perpetrated when that group or that person is made to be “other” . When a person or group is “other”, violence and discrimination becomes possible and easy. When someone is like you , you see yourself or your mother or sister or husband in that person, hate, violence and discrimination can’t really exist, because they are you. And you are them.

    My solution for the world is that everyone identifies 5 attributes, ways of thinking, cultures, races, people etc that they consider “other” and they go discover that person, idea attribute etc. It’s easy to say we are all more alike than different, it’s another thing entirely to discover that, and to sit with someone who does not think like you, has a completely different world view and listen, learn, and share. The biggest lessons I have ever learned in life is when I have sat down and listened to someone who does not share my views and in the end, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation has been, I have walked away amazed that at the bottom of all of it, we are just the same, and want the same things.

    “An enemy is one whose story we have not heard. “ Jeanne Knudsen Hoffman


  4. I love Day 10. Kammie. I think I’m pro-life and at the same time pro-choice, if that makes any sense and it kinda doesn’t, so I will explain. I never wanted to have an abortion, so I have 4 children. I also wouldn’t advise anyone to have one either, if someone decided to have one I may not agree with them and I would be sad, but it is their choice. I would advise to give the child to someone who would love to love the child. I think this just one solution to the problem of hate. I also call my home my “safe haven”. I have had many people (mostly family) come stay to figure out their life, like “make a plan, then work your plan”. Figure out what they want for themselves and their life and go do that. And they did and they do. Also, another solution I love is: Until further notice, celebrate everything. Just bc it feels better than not celebrating. When I was young, we only saw family if someone passed. I told my dad it was sad we only got together wearing black clothes. So, we started having reunions and get-togethers to see how we were doing and to let cousins get to know each other. The cousins especially love it. I recently told my kids I want a celebration for when I pass on instead of black clothes cuz it should be fun instead of sad, that’s just what I think.💜

  5. Hi Kammie, this is a little difficult for me, I’m not as creative as I used to be. So here it goes…. I would like everyone, every day to be kind to everyone that is “different” than themselves. Whether it’s age, color, ethnicity, rich,poor, etc. I pray for peace and if everyone could even do this one or more times a day, what a different world this would be. Once people see how easy this is and see the smiles and softness it creates, they will realize that it feels so great!! I make a point to say something nice to everyone I make eye contact with. It makes even my ick days feel sunny! I love you Kammie.