Day 11 – One Act of Kindness

Day 11 – One Act of Kindness

Yesterday’s game was HUGE.  Now, while I didn’t see an “ocean” of posts, I am not discouraged.  I know with all my heart your wheels are turning.  Your world changing idea is right there on the tips of your fingers waiting to be shared.  When you are ready, you will come back to Day 10, and flood the site.  I just know it.  My unwavering faith in you will be right here waiting.  Please know, my “big idea” was brewing inside me for a year before I had the courage to share it.  Sometimes big ideas need time to cultivate.  The seed has been planted.   The water will come.

Today’s Game:  One Act of Kindness.  This is super easy.  I looked up the definition to make sure we knew, without a doubt, what wins this game.  Kindness – the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  Did you capture the most important part?  One tiny word that makes or breaks our success?  And.  Yup, the word and.  That means to claim victory today we must shower the trifecta of friendliness, generosity, AND consideration on one lucky soul.  Who will it be?  What will you do?  How will it affect them?  I will leave all those questions for you to figure out.

Hold on a sec…I have a twist.  I just love when an easy game has a twist!  Along with your one act of kindness you must encourage someone else to do an act of kindness too.  Not just any someone, someone whom you wouldn’t necessarily define as “kind.”  Yeah, that person!  This is getting good now!

Come back, comment, and share.   Let God be the only witness to your kindness, but instead share with us the kindness the person you chose did for another.  That’s the real win.  The unexpected kindness.

One last thing before I go…it would be unkind to name the kindness-challenged person, so don’t do that.  Simply share their victory.

4 Replies to “Day 11 – One Act of Kindness”

  1. HUH, that was easy!
    I shared with some folks about a project I was stuck in finishing. After we got past all the legal stuff, he in turn went out and recruited a whole gaggle of other eager folks to also help in moving the project forward. Stay tuned for the completion!

  2. Playing catch up… Again!! This is a easy challenge for me, not even a challenge actually. So this will be a definite win! Yay!! I love you Kammie!

  3. An act of kindness for somone unexpected can change there whole life. Wouldn’t we want it for ourselves when we feel forgotten?

  4. Encouraging another to be a stand for another who would not otherwise be that stand for another. So far so good. 💜