Day 12 – Give Yourself More Time

Day 12 – Give Yourself More Time

I had a big post planned for today.  It was sparked by a sleepless night, a friend I hold dear, and something deeply personal to me.  It has been brewing all day in my mind; however, when I sit down to write it…nothing.  I guess this is my first case of writer’s block along this journey.

Instead of making it a problem, which would be easy to do, I’m going to play instead.  Today’s Game: Give Yourself More Time.  It’s a beautiful thing!  This is our life.  We get to say what we have time for, and how we spend it.  If I wrote my original post tonight I wouldn’t do it justice.  There is something inside me that wants to come out, and I will honor myself and you by giving it more time.  I trust the words will find me, and the delivery will be how it is meant to be…tomorrow.

In the meantime, where can you give yourself more time?  Do you rush out of the house for work each day only to sit in traffic and end up late?  Would waking up twenty or thirty minutes earlier make all the difference?  How about when you go pick the kids up from daycare?  What if, before you get there, you pull off into a parking lot and take a few minutes for yourself?  Where can you control time?  How can you bend it to your will?  I just played that game and let me tell you ….it feels AMAZING!

Until tomorrow game-changers!  Take as much time as you need.

5 Replies to “Day 12 – Give Yourself More Time”

  1. Time is a precious thing. It can fly by and stand still at the same time. Make the time to do and say things that matter. Love.

  2. Time to put the laundry away. Lol.😂 or not. 😂
    Time to read a long, interesting, and informative article instead. ✔😍❤

  3. I met a friend for breakfast and after reading your post, I decided to get there a few minutes early and I listened to a lovely song that was on the radio before going into the restaurant. It made me feel “warm and fuzzy” and I shared your post with my friend. Thanks Kammie …. you are my hero! <3

  4. Great post! Funny you should take this on today given my breakdown around all that I have to do before 8am. As a result my workout got dropped out 🙁
    Forge on and create new paths, honoring my calendar along the way. Lots of love to you and may your block be lifted.