Day 14 – Spoil Yourself

Day 14 – Spoil Yourself

Yesterday was intense!  We did amazing, but all that anger can take its toll.  That’s why it’s a perfect time to:  Spoil Yourself!  You deserve it.  You work hard.  Think of all you have done so far.  Surviving, acts of kindness, solving the world’s problems, sitting still…it’s exhausting.  Today is your day!

What is your favorite food?  Buy it.  How about something you’ve always wanted to try?  Do it.  Have you been eyeballing a little something special that would be perfect for you?  Get it.  Now is the time!  A game like this does not come around too often, so be sure to splurge.  You are worth every penny and second of time spent on yourself today.

As I write this I realize I am trying to come up with reasons to convince you why this is a good idea.  That’s silly.  You don’t need a reason to spoil yourself, and I certainly don’t need to convince you.  You know your worth.  You know the value of you.  Now is the time to pay up!

I’m starting with a pedicure and getting my hair done…I may even end up at the mall for new jeans.  The sky is the limit people!  You are absolutely worth it. Don’t ever let yourself or anyone else tell you different.


4 Replies to “Day 14 – Spoil Yourself”

  1. I took your advice and booked my flight to Minnesota for the Super Bowl.
    It just happens to be that I have the best wife and sister in law EVER!!

  2. I so got you and today is my day. My cousin is coming for a visit and it’s very likely we will go out to lunch.😆

    Last week my daughter text me and asked me if I wanted to join her to paint at Color Me Mine. I accepted and we have the best fun and I look forward to bringing home my prize after it is fired in the oven.

    I’m way better at this than I used to be when I worked 50 to 60 hours a week and even though I loved it, I’m grateful for me days.💜