Day 15 – Look at the Night Sky and Feel Small

Day 15 – Look at the Night Sky and Feel Small

Okay, okay.  We have been focusing on ourselves a lot these past few days.  Don’t get me wrong, it makes perfect sense.  When the past gets triggered, or anger gets expressed, then loving and taking care of ourselves becomes top priority.  Times up.  In this game of life, we do not dwell in one place for too long.  If we do, we miss out on all the awesome stuff happening around us.  For example, the night sky.  Today’s Game:  Look at the Night Sky and Feel Small.

You caught those last two words, right?  Feel small.  I know what you’re thinking.  Why would we go to all the trouble of spoiling ourselves only to turn around and feel small?  This girl gone cray!  Seriously, would I ever lead you wrong?  Not a chance!  It’s the contrast of the two that makes this so awesome.

There is an entire universe separate from ourselves.  Today is about going out and experiencing it.  Let the massiveness of the night sky get you present to the smallness of your being.  Why?  To keep you humble.  That, my dear soul, is an important characteristic of a playmate.

No stars?  No problem.  The point isn’t necessarily about the beauty of the sky, it’s about the immense space gazing back at us.  Just stand there, look up, and take it all in.  Whenever you start to feel like life is out to get you and there is a target on your back…feel small.  When it seems like the universe is conspiring against you and doesn’t want you to win…step outside.  Look up.  Laugh to yourself and say, I’m just not that important.  The universe is up to much bigger things.

5 Replies to “Day 15 – Look at the Night Sky and Feel Small”

  1. I didn’t read this until the morning. So I used the hundreds of acres at the quarry I work at to feel small.
    There is so much in this world I haven’t experienced yet. I’m a “yes” to all adventures now

  2. Love this and when there is a moon in the sky, I often am drawn to the wonder of it all. Even kept up on some very bright nights!

  3. I do this too. I am all it takes to move my game forward, but what fun would that be without the universe and others as my partners. It’s just not a possibility!!😎😎✔✔👍👍❤❤

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