Day 16 – Get Back on the Horse

Day 16 – Get Back on the Horse

Tonight, was my first night out of the house post surgery.  You know, like “out” out.  I did my hair, fixed my makeup, put on jeans (which I haven’t done in a long time) and went out of the house.  I landed at a bar filled with a friendly but rough crowd, and my pool buddies.  Yup, pool buddies.  I play pool.  I played about three years ago, and to make good on a promise, I went back tonight.  Ray agreed to build me a beautiful blog, and I agreed to a comeback.  He drives a hard bargain.

I have obviously taken encouraging myself to an extreme level.  In my mind, as I was getting ready, I was all Tom Cruise in The Color of Money.  As I blew my hair dry, Eric Clapton sang over and over in my head, “It’s in the way that you use it…” Pool balls clashed and bumped around the corners of my mind getting sunk time and time again.  Sadly, in reality, I couldn’t stretch or reach the balls.  Nothing about my game was the same.  My two new additions made for interesting maneuvering, and by the time I shot one game I was exhausted.  Thank God it was only practice!  I spent the rest of the time trying to remember all the lingo and rules.

Sounds like a tough night, right?  Nope.  It was awesome!  While moments were frustrating, scary, and overwhelming, I knew it was only day one.  No one is good on day one.  Truth be told, my team is just happy to have someone who shows up and gives the other less than desirable players a run for their money.  I am that girl.  At least that is who I aspire to be.

Life rears up and throws us off its back.  It kicks, bucks, and sends us face-first to the ground.  Today was a victory.   I got back on the horse.  My body is different, it’s changed.  I may not be able to do things with the same ease as before, but I can sure as heck try.  Make today a victory for yourself.  What horse do you need to climb back on and ride like there is no tomorrow?  Go do it.  Now!  You can thank me later.


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  1. Ha, ha, I thank you every day!
    Bravo for taking yourself “out”. Very proud of you!
    The horse I want to get back on is getting my rear out of bed and putting the fun back into exercise. Here I go with day one.

  2. Awesome I’m so glad your getting out and doing things again its hard to stay positive if your in the house all the time!! Kudos to you!!! XOXOX next is….. ####girlsnightout

  3. That’s our girl! That horse called life will continue to buck us off from time to time, but it’s not gonna stop us, right Kammie!! Love you

  4. I can thank you now.💜 After only two weeks, you are getting back up. After two weeks, you are honoring your word and your friendship. Thanks for that 😎 👍 😍 ❤

    It’s been a rough few years for me, but I am getting back up; physically and mentally. The interesting thing is I didn’t realize what was going on until recently.

    A lil background…life decided to change.

    During 2009, I am completing T2 in the TMLP with Landmark, my dad had been sick, and passes away New Year’s Day 2010. I miss you, dad.💙

    I am employed at the same manufacturing facility for 30+ years and am involved in a sustainably group who are seeing how we rank in those categories. Not so good…sigh.😢

    Early 2011, I injure my right hand and have surgery. I heal and return to work.

    2012 – 2014, I injured myself each year, requiring 2 surgeries. I heal and I return to work. During which time “they” make the announcement our facility cannot be upgraded as is necessary to be sustainable…sigh.😢 again.💜 I will need a new career…ugh!! I don’t know how to do anything else…yet.💜 Our facility closes Sept 2014,

    2015, I find a new opportunity in a temporary position, it lasts 14 months. Yay.💜 Lol.😂 A sign that I am viable.😇

    Early 2017, I am laid-off. And I’m tired. After all this time, I hadn’t really had time to fully heal this body that was injured 4 times and had three surgeries in 4 years. Like seriously, who does that!!

    So what I noticed, now after a little bit of time is, I slept a lot as if I was catching up from hardly sleeping during all those years and even then I still felt exhausted. I tried not to be concerned about it, of course, but I was concerned about it, so I kept watching for any changes to see if it was just something I needed. At one point I was quite lethargic and lazy in my opinion.

    Sometime this past summer it was like my body recovered enough for my brain to agree that I felt good. And I started feeling like I wanted to do things. Things I previously got help to do, I was willing and able to do on my own. Yay.💜 I needed to prove to myself and no one else I am still viable.😇 I am and so are you. Do all of the things for yourself in the 30 days of Play and then do them again kindly to and for yourself. And everything will take care of itself and the universe will take care of you.💖 Thank you, Kammie 🌹 🌷 ✔✔✔💖 💜 ❤

  5. Come get your butt on one of our horses, you will find a new love for life! Gentle, caring, loving, understanding, are their role here. Let me know when, …I’m here for you…so are they Dear Kammie!!! xoxo

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