Day 19 – Go to the Playground

Day 19 – Go to the Playground

Anyone who knows me knows I hate working out.  I can think of six thousand places I would rather be than the gym.  I have come to realize that my dislike, for what I once considered a place of torture, made no difference.  What it did do, however, was make me miserable each and every time I went there.  Turns out, the gym could care less if I like it or not.  I was the only one impacted by my bad attitude.

That last sentence isn’t entirely true.  Someone else was impacted…my hubby.  He’s not a gym rat, but he understands the need to take care of himself.  After working twelve-hour shifts six days a week, the gym was important to Jamie.  He power-lifted for a while, and competed several times.  For Jamie it was about feeling strong.  I chose to love a man who worked his butt off, and appreciated the gym.  I realized there were only so many hours in a day to spend together, so off to the gym I would go.  I would go, but I was not happy about it.

Thankfully, I spend time with smart people.  Enter my friend Wayne.  I work for Wayne and consider him my dear friend.  Occasionally he would ask what I was up to after work.  Based on the nosedive my mood would take when I said, “going to the gym,” Wayne sensed I needed a little assistance.  We do our best to keep each other grounded.  We also realize, if given the proper framework, a mood can change on a dime.  My heart was in the right place, but I needed some inspiration.  Not to make excuses here, but I have an ex-husband with a name that sounds like “gym.”  The homonym automatically triggered a certain emotion.

How could going to the gym be fun for me?  How could I resist cringing every time Jamie mentioned it?  Like I said, it pays to hang with smart people.  Change the name!  As of that day, the gym would forever be recreated as The Playground.  I could picture it in my mind the moment Wayne suggested it.  Those sweaty torture machines instantly became primary-colored outdoor play equipment.  I was no longer confined, but free to swing, jump and play my heart out.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still six thousand places I would rather be, but the name change made it a game.  Y’all know what a game does for me!  Today’s Game:  Go to The Playground.  If you don’t have a membership, then be a big kid and go to a real one!  We don’t need to get technical.  We just need to get moving.  Play on people!

6 Replies to “Day 19 – Go to the Playground”

  1. Love it Kammie !!! It makes my day to read these each morning. It’s great to see how my day turns out applying a whole new attitude 💞

    1. Love you Jenny Lane! Thanks for playing! And, I’m so happy it’s making a difference in your life. That’s awesome. xoxo

  2. Like I say nowadays, I made my bed and lie in it”, but sometimes it pays to “change the sheets”!!!
    Great idea!!!😎👍✔❤

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