Day 20 – Play Catch Up

Day 20 – Play Catch Up

All that big talk about The Playground, and I never made it there today.  It happens sometimes.  Plans are in place, but our best intentions get thwarted.  No worries, it’s the perfect day to Play Catch Up.  I could beat myself up for not fulfilling on what I said I would, or I could own it and move on.  I think that’s a better way to spend my time.

In the spirit of moving on, I am looking at what else needs my attention today too.  Where am I behind?  Is there anything that needs my focus?  How about you?  Do you need to catch up on anything?  Is there something you said you would do, but didn’t get around to yet?  Don’t waste your energy avoiding, or feeling bad about it.  Instead, let’s get to it.  We will feel so much better when we do.

7 Replies to “Day 20 – Play Catch Up”

  1. Top 3: Put clothes away. ✔
    Finally! I got that one complete this past Sunday.😂
    Yup, after almost two weeks.😂
    Beat myself up just a little bit, but not that much.😎
    I keep a running list in my head and sometimes on paper so I can keep up on my list of things I think of doing because I either need to do or would like to do, When my regular puttering is caught up I can look at my list to see if there’s a “would like to do” that I’ve had to wait on starting.
    So to play catch-up, I have set up a donation day for Friday this week and have begun sorting through things to pay forward. My older children have their own homes, so I text them the date. It’s a game we play together of paying forward. Sometimes they actually text me and ask me if I have a donation day set up. I love this game of playing catch-up.
    Thanks, Kammie 🌹 🌷 ✔ ✔ ✔ 😍 ❤

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