Day 21 – Follow Your Joy

Day 21 – Follow Your Joy

Today’s Game: Follow Your Joy.  Let’s pretend that joy is a person.  What would she look like?  How would she dress?  Is she short or tall?  Young or old?  Is her skin tone dark or light?  How about birthmarks?  Freckles?  If “Joy” walked in a room, would you recognize her?  And, most importantly, would you follow her?

I choose to spend a lot of my time with Joy.  Long before we were besties, I would occasionally catch glimpses of her.  Usually she would show up when I spent time with certain people.  Other times, it would feel like Joy was snubbing me, and I wouldn’t see her for weeks.  Nowadays, she never leaves my side…except maybe for a quick wine run.  Joy loves wine.  Sounds silly, right?  Good.  Silliness is an access to Joy.

Today follow your Joy.  Go where she takes you.  Whether it be on a total detour from your normal everyday life, or just a quick trip to the wine store.  Lol.  But seriously, sometimes with everything happening in life we can’t recognize our own Joy and following her is out of the question.  I implore you to trust her today and follow where she leads you.  I have very seldom been let down when Joy and I play follow the leader.  Joy is a great teacher if we are willing to learn, and an even better navigator if we trust her to guide the way.

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  1. Good Morning Kammie.🌹 another great game for another great day. 💖 I could pretend to Joy is a person, but I don’t have to because my mom’s name is Joy. She’s taller than me and obviously older than me and where’s what I call Mom clothes. She is also what I call genteel, but me, not so much. 😂 Having said that, she did her best to rein me in as is necessary when raising a strong-willed child.🌻 She is the perfect Mom for me given all I needed to learn.💖 The things that caused her Joy became the things that cause my Joy now.💜 When I was young, she did her best to get my dad to take a day off so we could go places as a family whether it was the beach or the mountains. Family meals and celebrating life events was more of my dad’s thing, but she enjoyed it too. They would always check on me around my birthday and make sure I had a birthday cake.💙💜 Nowadays my Joy walks a little slower, but includes an invite to a live show and enjoys cruises with her friends.💜💜💜 I hope I continue to have that type of energy when I’m as old as my Joy.❤

  2. Awesome Job mom ❤️your doing great staying up late night writing a blog, to help others. I bet most authors don’t even put as much sweat and love into it. Since you say I’m usually mad I played this game. I got my root canal it hurt REALLY bad and I complained a lot, but in school I just laughed and found joy with my friends although I couldn’t talk with out wanting to cry.

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