Day 22 – Hit the Reset Button

Day 22 – Hit the Reset Button

Joy showed up big-time for me today.  I followed that pretty lady everywhere.  Especially out of the room at my dad’s eye doctor appointment.  She had me laughing so hard I almost blew snot bubbles.  I would just like to say, for the record, it was my brother’s fault.  If I told you what was so funny, I can assure you, it would not be as amusing to you.  Sometimes, Joy makes us act a fool.  If I think about it now I could seriously belly laugh all over again.  I absolutely love those laughs.  If I had to pick my favorite thing in the world, those laughs would be it.  I am blessed to have a hilarious brother, Mike, who is usually there as the butt of those jokes or joining in on them with me.  I love you Brother.

Today was a great day, but it wasn’t without stress.  There was a lot to manage, with a lot of spirited people, and a lot of communication was needed to pull it off.  As I sat down and reflected on the day I realized I left out an important piece of what allowed Joy to work her magic in my life today.  My reset button.  Yes, I have a reset button.  Don’t worry, you have one too.  We all do.

Let’s make believe the picture on this post accurately depicts my reset button.  That’s a lot of resetting!  In reality, I don’t keep count.  I push the button and move on.  The second it gets pressed I become present and the previous moment no longer exists.  What was that?  I’m full of crap?  Am not!  I have been practicing this game for a long time.  And now, my partner in crime, you can practice too.  You have an entire lifetime, so have at it!

Before you get started, there is something important to know.  There is an approximate 25:1 ratio for the times someone or something upsets, frustrates, annoys, or just downright pisses me off throughout the day.  That means, for each time something makes me mad, I hit the reset button somewhere around twenty-five times.  Or more!  See, its not about being perfect or even Zen-like, it’s about riding that button continuously until my commitment to love people overrides my desire to hurt them.  Yeah, I want to hurt people.  I just choose to love them instead.  The reset button is my secret weapon.  I hope you find yours and press that bad boy like there is no tomorrow.  Today’s Game: Hit the Reset Button…over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over…

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  1. I like this game! Sometimes I react before resetting, so I will try to move towards resetting, again and again if I have to!

  2. I’m able to reset my buttons with my yoga practice. I try to meditate everyday, it helps with resetting the mind,body and soul. And laughing a lot can do a lot of good to our souls!! Xoxo 💋 wishing you a great day today, Kammie. 😊

  3. I have been playing this game for a long time. Now I have a name for it! Thank you for having a way of turning emotions and feelings into something physical. It’s truly brilliant ❤️

  4. Thank you Mike for being that kind of brother for your sister.💙 I have one of those who is my sister.💖
    Today’s game has an interesting name for me because my Bessie has been throwing a tire pressure fault endive reset it 25 + times because it comes and goes and I’m not due for a rotate tire appointment for another 800 miles. Lol.😂
    I have a few names for the reset button like “I call BS”, “That’s not true”, and “Stop, Change, Start”. They all work for lots of situations and circumstances. I get to play with it, have fun with it, and reset or diffuse stressful times for myself and others. ❤
    I am grateful for that and I’m grateful for you, Kammie 🌹 and your blog.💜

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