Day 23 – Change One Thing

Day 23 – Change One Thing

This game intrigues me.  It is no secret that the greater population of people resist change.  We are creatures of comfort.  Familiar with the way things are right now.  We ask ourselves things like, Why the heck would I change?  What good can come of that?  Change can be hard on us because it usually enters our lives as a grand event.  That can be scary.  Sometimes change even knocks us down, steals our lunch money, and kicks dirt in our face.  It can be wonderful and feel invigorating too; however, no matter how evolved, on some level, we are all suspicious of change.

Today’s Game: Change One Thing.  We will sneak up on life today by changing one thing in our own lives.  Change will not control us.  We will control change.  By practicing, we will know how to handle ourselves when real change occurs.  The shock and awe that sometimes accompanies change will be diminished.  Mental modifications will become a thing of ease.

Here’s a fun place to start…buy pink salt.  Yup, pink salt.  It’s better for you than the white stuff and it’s pretty.  Total win!  How about a fun one?  Put both pant legs on at the same time instead of just one.  That is for the real wild child out there!  You could try a sweet one like, I will call my Mom once a week just to see how she’s doing.  Change your hair, change your sheets, change your attitude.  It’s your change gang!  What will it be?  For today, this week, or for life?  You can change that too, ya know.  Change it all! Or just one.  One is plenty.


9 Replies to “Day 23 – Change One Thing”

  1. I love this one.😎 bc it’s one of my favorite things next to “Celebrate Everthing”.💚 Choices,💙 Choices.💖Choices.💛 There’s so many; choose and begin.❤
    I read a book years ago that talked about the language in another book. It said, “Will you change it?”, “Will you change it?”, Will you change it?” over and over again. Yet, when the book was rewritten, all of the “will you change it(s)?” were edited out. Hmmm…right then I chose to keep it in my language.💜 I even use it as a reminder on my checks. (Yes, I still use a checkbook).😂
    You inspire me, Kammie 🌹 Thanks! 😎 😙 ❤

  2. I’ve always wondered what I would look like with red hair. I was petrified to do it. Guess what Kammie, I’m a red head!!!! Love you

    1. Oh my gosh! That’s so FUN!!!!! I need to see it! You are officially the winner of this game. Way to be fearless. I love you.

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