Day 24 – Get a Game Plan

Day 24 – Get a Game Plan

This game seriously makes me giddy.  I can’t help myself.  I literally smile from ear to ear when I even think about it.  It has a profound effect on my life each time I play it.  When this game goes into effect, it means sh*t just got real!  And I love it when sh*t gets real.

The game starts with a simple gesture…the purchase of a no-frills three-ring binder.  You heard me right.  A beautiful, whatever color you choose, three-ring binder.  I would throw in a pack of colored dividers too for good measure.  Around my house people have come to both fear and love the binder.  Jamie witnessed its power when his bachelor pad was transformed into a super cute fully renovated adorable home, for two, within a few weeks’ time.  My God am I lucky that man loves me.   He is lucky too.  Not only am I witty beyond measure, but I know full well what it means to Get a Game Plan!  I think it may be the thing he loves most about me.

Once you have your binder in hand, let’s have a moment of silence to pay our respect…




(moment of silence)




Don’t mock my love of this state of the art, brilliantly engineered masterpiece.  You too will keep it in high regard once you realize what it holds.  For within this revered binder are your hopes, dreams and plans.  Is there a project you want to do around the house?  Make a binder.  Is your foster baby a wild child who needs some guidelines?  Make a binder.  Is there a dream vacation you want to plan?  Make that binder!  This is an opportunity to get creative.  There is no right or wrong.  Play with it until it feels right for you.

Here’s a little window into my next Game Plan.  It’s going into full effect after I stuff my face at a Super Bowl party.  I’m about to take on my health, well-being, and fitness.  So, I will type Health, Well Being & Fitness on a piece of paper and slide that bad boy into the front pocket.  That’s my end game.  Now, inside is all the juice and energy that will get me there.  (This is where those colorful dividers come into play.)  This is fun because I am literally creating this on the fly.  Right now.  With you.  I’m not even sure what I will put on them, so here goes.  How about… Health, Well-Being, Fitness, Fun, and Rewards?  I’ll write those on the divider tabs.  Notice the last two.  I don’t do much in my life unless there is fun and some type of reward.   That’s just me being honest with myself.

I wish you were here right now to see my geeky self all excited about the vision I am creating.  Okay, now I will type those labels up, or write them, then move on to the guts of this operation.  It’s time to brainstorm!  I know me better than anyone, so I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  Am I going to run at 5 am Monday morning?  Nope.  Will I drink green drinks and eat vegan like I did before surgery because I liked the way it made me feel?  Absolutely.  Will I need a huge reward for all this hard work?  Heck yeah!    Here are a couple ways I will break it down into bite size pieces:

Health – Make treatment plan with docs.  Work the plan.  Go to appointments, etc.…

Well-Being – Meditate.  Yoga.  Eliminate stress.  Be kind to myself. Sleep 7 hours a night.

Fitness – Go to the playground & sign up for classes too.  Try swimming again.  Walk.

Fun – Invite people to play with me.  Shoot pool.

Reward – Feel sexy and pretty on the back of Jamie’s bike in Daytona Beach, Florida!

I have officially let my dork flag fly!  I hope you all enjoyed it.  I know I did!  More than anything I hope it empowers you.  I know there is a project, or something that needs to get taken on in your life.  Get a binder and Get a Game Plan!  I’m about to go get some stickers to make mine pretty.  xoxoxo

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  1. You are amazing! I’m going to find the things laid out here and attempt to do this! I can’t wait to see your beautiful, sexy self in March!!!!! I love you Kammie

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