Day 25 – Get Real

Day 25 – Get Real

Some games are designed to hit us right between the eyes.  This is that game.  It’s necessary.  Life is whole.  It encompasses everything.  It wakes us up to make sure we are paying attention.  Get ready for the reality check we are about to receive.  If you don’t like real talk, jump off now and come back tomorrow.  Since we only have a handful of days left, there is no better time than now to Get Real.

I like serious games straight, to the point, with no holds barred.  Here goes!  We. Are. Dying.  Each day, death gets one step closer to us.  Some days it touches the ones we love, and other days our own lives are in jeopardy.  If we are not physically dying in this moment, then maybe we feel like we are.  There are health concerns, diseases, and bodies that break down moment by moment.

That is some depressing stuff right there.  Sorry, but that’s as real as it gets.  Sometimes getting real is painful, hard, all-around crappy, and necessary.  Growth and joy are attained by looking the tough stuff in the eyes.  Real power is saying, in that moment, “I see you.  I know what you are capable of.”  No one gets out of here alive, and you are no exception.  How many times have we heard something similar to that?  Remember and use it.  If your own mortality doesn’t confront you, how about your best friend, your sister, your father or mother.  Watch how unimportant everything else becomes when the Grim Reaper knocks on the door.  Nothing here on earth compares to the finality of death.  My worst days are when I forget that gruesome reality.  I am tricked into thinking time is endless, and I get lazy.  Lazy does not make for a memorable life.

Now that we got real…what to do next?  I know, how about we get in action?  That’s really all there is to do anyway.  Get on the phone.  Tell someone you love them.  Forgive someone.  Be the bigger person.  Book that trip.  Dye that hair!  What do you have to lose?  If death is where this all ends up, then what are you waiting for?  What would you do if you knew all of this was temporary, and you weren’t sure when your time was up?  Go do whatever that thing is now.

The irony of a girl with fake boobs telling you to get real is not lost on me.  In fact, it’s quite priceless, and really funny when I think about it.  But hey, look at it this way, I know a fake from the real deal.  Follow my lead!  Be real today.  Many of us will be together for the Super Bowl tonight.  There is no need to be significant about any of this, but what if this were the last day?  How would you engage with all these people?  What would you leave them with?  What if you never saw them again?  Were you kind?  I hope so, because kindness is as real as it gets.  This is why we play.  To have our time here mean something.  Get Real today people!  It may be your last chance.

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  1. Your statements in this are sooo real and true. I experienced first hand all around with my Dad. There is sio many things that I know he wished he did instead of being worried, scared and not living life to fullest before he got sick. How do I know…because he told me so. He told me all the things we were going to do if God gave him more time, all the while he was laying in the bed barely havong enough energy to get the words out. I WANTED to experience that person sooo badly. He could never just let go and experience life because he was always so scared that one of us was going to get hurt. It made it very hard sometimes, differences in our relationship because I allowed my kids to do certain things and go places. God is going to take us when he wants us, whether it be by death or we go with the rapture. I would of never guessed this time last year, on Feb 4, 2017 that my dad would be getting to pass away in 45 days of a major illness. Looking at him, you would of never guessed or convinced me that was reality. 10 days later my Dad wemt into the hospital and never came out. I, even as a Christian, am having an extremely difficult time with this reality. But like you said, it’s reality, it’s going to happen. Even though my Dad and I had the relationship we had, the love that we had between us was like no other I have ever known, there was still arguments, disappointments, not so nice words and you can’t any of that back. Only apologize and hope to move on. I made a promise to my Dad that I unfortunately wasn’t able to keep. That was not letting him die in the hospital. Even in lady 24 hours of his life, we were still in hope through various different ways through what the doctors were trying and prayer thst he was going to turn around. He was supposed to get transported either home or a nice Hospice facilty the next day. God took him home that night. I spent a lot of time being angry at myself and God. I just needed 24 hrs to fulfil his wish. But I can’t live in that angry and guilt space forever. Sometimes I slip back there, but I try not to stay.
    Sorry, I guess I really went into a lot in that message. But my point to all this was…my Dad wished he had spent his time enjoying more this with us instead of being so fearful all the time, he wished he had done those vacations, had more get togethers, etc. I just wished for more time because I thought I had plenty more and I didn’t. Everything changed in a blink of an eye. I had the lost the best Dad ever, my kids lost the best pop-pop ever. But the good thing is we know Jesus and know we can have eternal life after this crazy world if we believe and accept him. I love you girl. I’m proud of what your doing. I’m telling you, you should write a book!

    1. Hello my sweet friend, I thought of you and your Dad as I wrote this. Thank you for sharing from your heart and giving us a wonderful perspective on this topic. Thank you for the encouragement and for playing too. xoxo

  2. Kammie you are 1 of the strongest & most nspiring women I’ve ever met. ..Continue to fight the good fight….p.s.I’ve booked a trip n I’ve dyed my hair❤ Sending lots of love n prayers your way 🙏🙌

  3. So well said Kam and so true everyone seems to be caught up with unimportant things it’s all about friends and family, and treating people how you want to be treated, if everyone did this the world would be a better place,
    Love you Kam!!! XOXO

  4. Dang!!! I said I would play but have been scrolling the book much. I just jump on and jump off for the last several months. Well better to be at day 24 than to have gotten to day after day 30 to see I haven’t played, hence this beautiful message. That was so beautiful my dearest. It definitely got me to take action one I have too sturborn and spiritual to take when I know my heart wants what it wants and my head is saying it’s ok. I love you Kam keep plunging and springing, and jumping, and playing, and laughing, and look life dead in the face like that’s all you got? Didn’t they tell you I am a bad ass and I came to win every day all day!! Yes even when physical I don’t feel like a winner but my mind you can’t take away. 💃🏾😘😘🙏🏾🙌🏾

  5. I thought for sure people would feel I’d gone too far with this one. Thankfully, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m happy it resonated with this many people, and grateful for the realness.

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