Day 26 – Celebrate Your Victories

Day 26 – Celebrate Your Victories

This will be short and sweet.  There is no one in life that will rejoice in your success more than YOU.  You alone know the lengths you go to each day to make your life work.  Now is your chance to create your own touchdown dance.  Play your theme song on blast!  Take time to acknowledge your awesomeness.  It doesn’t matter if no one else recognizes your win.  What matters is that you do!  Today is your day to Celebrate Your Victories.

You made it to work on time, picked up the kids, and whipped up a meal worthy of Top Chef in just under twenty-three minutes.  Celebrate Your Victories!  Brushed your teeth, washed your face, and put on clean clothes.  Celebrate Your Victories!  You aligned the stars, sent the Eagles good juju, and they won the Super Bowl.  Celebrate Your Victories.

Some days require all day celebrations where tooting your own horn is perfectly acceptable.  Let today be that kind of day.  Give yourself all the credit you deserve.  Practice a celebratory speech and deliver it to yourself today in the mirror.  Give yourself a mic drop and standing ovation worthy of the rock-star you are!  Celebrate Your Victories.  ALL OF THEM.  ALWAYS.

Today’s Victories

Baked the heck out of some cookies.

Wrote a kick-a** blog.

Killed the mom game.

Won the wife life by bowing out of the Super Bowl so Jamie could go.

Brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on clean clothes.

Loved you all like it was my job.


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