Day 27 – Find a Playmate

Day 27 – Find a Playmate

It took me a long time to grasp the full understanding of this game.  I used to think you find one person in life and everything works out.  That one person, a soul mate, would be the ultimate playmate.  I love my naïve side.  It has kept me playing for years.  While naivety has served me well in so many areas, it has held me back in many others.

My husband is my hero.  He literally saved my life and is the foundation for this amazing life I get to live.  We share the same values and most importantly our love of adventure.  We play together constantly.  The shenanigans between us started when we met and continues daily.  I have never been mocked more, the butt of more jokes, or felt more love in my life.  He is a unique kind of playmate.  My number one.

I have come to learn that if I stopped my story there it would make for a mess.  Do you see how many games I play?  Have you noticed the amount of energy that comes from my mind?  Imagine if I had only one playmate.  I would drive someone mad!  Or, even worse, I would stuff all my Kammie-ness down and try to behave.  I don’t like behaving.  I like living.

The great thing about finding playmates is that my creative fire gets ignited by the diversity of so many people.  Not everyone has the same dreams or talents.  Playing with different people means that I have a better chance of finding the perfect person for a specific game.  On the flip side, I get to contribute to different people on a regular basis.  That is the true joy of my life.

Now it’s your turn.  Find a Playmate.  Or ten!  The more the merrier.  What are you up to?  Who would you choose to make that a reality?  Would having a playmate make your day a little less lonely?  Seek them out.  How about a travel buddy?  How cool would that be?  You deserve to be engaged, connected, and to play with people in life.  I bet someone is looking for you right now too.  Go find them!

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  1. You have caused me to rethink the way I look at my “playmates” …. I have a LOT more than I thought. Everyone who has come into my life has made me look at things differently and enjoy everyday to its fullest. Thanks for reminding me to look at ALL my friends and especially YOU who have made me rethink the way I think! You are my hero and I appreciate the “playmate” I have found in YOU!! <3

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