Day 28 – Be a Yes!

Day 28 – Be a Yes!

Have you ever seen Jim Carrey in Yes Man?  That movie cracks me up and is part of the inspiration for today’s game.  Jim plays, Carl Allen, a negative guy who goes to a seminar where they teach him the power of “yes.”  He then goes on to try all kinds of new things and meets interesting new people along the way.   This new life was made possible because, each time someone asked, Carl had to respond yes regardless of the question.  It’s over the top, filled with adventure, and exactly what I hope for you when you play this game!

Being a yes to life causes life to expand in ways you cannot imagine.  How could you?  You never know where the next yes will lead you.  It is a courage building exercise.  The times in my life when I played this game have been the most daring and completely fulfilling.  Being a yes will allow you to come out of your comfort zone and experience things you normally wouldn’t think of trying.

The previous paragraph explains what it’s like to be a yes for yourself.  Here’s another angle.  Be a yes for someone else.  Do you ever dread asking a question because you are not sure what the answer will be?  How cool would it be if people had the confidence to ask because they knew you were already on board?  Think about all those people out there looking for playmates.  Saying yes to joining them on their journey is a wonderful gift you can give.

Here’s a little window into how far a yes can take you…

“Skydiving.  That’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Wayne.  Wayne is my mountain climbing, scuba diving, foodie friend.  “I’m afraid of heights. I’ve never thought of doing that.”  I replied.  “Yeah, but there is never anyone willing to do it with me.”  The look on Wayne’s face as he said that last sentence is burned in my mind forever.  What if he never gets to experience skydiving because no one would go with him?  Before I could help myself, I said, “I’d go with you.”  I heard myself say it and automatically wanted to take it back.  “You would?”  He said with excitement.  “Yes!”  My response was quick but definite.  Wayne is one of those guys who follows through with things.  Before I could even think of changing my mind, we had a day picked for the skydiving adventure, and two other friends joining us who were crazy enough to say yes too.  It wasn’t until yes weeks later, as the adrenaline rush was starting to wear off, that Wayne finally came to the realization that I never wanted to go sky diving.  I said yes for my friend Wayne.  It is one of our best stories.

I don’t want anyone to get hurt, and I don’t want you running around jumping out of planes…well maybe the last part isn’t entirely true.  Skydiving is the coolest thing ever!  Just be safe and Be a Yes!  Do it all day and see where it leads you.  Have confidence knowing wherever it takes you is exactly where you were meant to be.  If one day turns out great, then try it out for a lifetime.  That’s living!


4 Replies to “Day 28 – Be a Yes!”

    1. The picture says it all. Lol. That’s me!!! I loved every minute of it. By saying YES I stretched out of my comfort zone and had the most amazing time. 😊

  1. I saw your picture…how cool are you? 😃 I love that movie cuz it’s a great fear stomper. I love any reminder for me to get out of my own way.😆 😎👍😍😙❤

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