Day 29 – Make Way

Day 29 – Make Way

I started this post feeling sad.  Life showed me some of its least endearing qualities over the past few days.  People in pain, souls that ache, and many other harsh realities that come along with living.  I am both humbled and encouraged by all that can happen while playing the game of life.  Instead of getting down, I’ve decided to Make Way…

Today’s game will be about making way for the good stuff.  You know, the stuff that reminds us to stay in the game.  To never dare give up.  I am a firm believer of the importance of experiencing every aspect of life.  Feeling the pain, heartache, and anguish, so when the good stuff comes our eyes are open.  Our hearts grateful.  We will not let the harshness of life deter us from our mission.  Playing allows us to access the heart of why we are here.  To connect, encourage, experience, enjoy, and most of all to love.

Make Way in your life today.  Step aside and watch how beauty shows up in places you’d least expect.  Watch kindness walk in and soften the hardest of hearts.  Let beauty flood your soul and sweep you off your feet.  I can’t exactly say how or when you will know you’ve won this game.  Only you can decide that for sure.  What I do know, is that it’s time to clear some space.  Let the immensity of the universe have its chance to overwhelm us.  That’s the game for today.  Make way for the “Way Maker.”

Please come back and comment.  I would love to know what showed up for you.

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  1. I made way for the masses and their eager fervor, trying to make their way to the parade for the Super Bowl champions. It was sad that I couldn’t be part of it and glad that I was warm and cozy in my office!

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