Day 30 – Be of Service to Another

Day 30 – Be of Service to Another

Can you believe it?  Day 30 is here.  What an amazing journey this has been.  I can only hope you have gotten as much from it as I have.  We set out to play life as if it were a game and ended up winning.  It doesn’t matter if it turned out exactly right or if each day worked out perfectly, what matters is that you had the courage to play at all.  We are leaving it all on the field, but you can always come back and play again and again.

I searched my soul to find the perfect ending to this fun-filled adventure.  In my exploration, I pondered this question.  If I never crossed your path again, where would I want to leave you?  That’s simple, I wouldn’t want to leave you at all.  But, let’s say for the sake of the game I had to.  The only place worthy enough to leave you would be in the service of others.  Today’s Game:  Be of Service to Another.

More and more I am convinced that life is not about me or you.  We could spend all day trying to figure ourselves out and “fix” what is wrong with us.  Try to understand the mistakes we’ve made, why things happen the way they do, or where in the world we are headed.  We could spin around and around until we get dizzy or we could play this game…and give the trophy away.  The metaphoric trophy is being of service to someone else.  Give what you have learned to others.  Share your time, and gifts with someone.  Lend a hand when one is needed.  This is where I am headed next in life.  I can’t wait to see where this leads me, and I hope to see you there.

Now, to put into words all the emotions I am feeling about these past thirty days and our time together. That would simply be impossible.  I have been blessed beyond words.  By sharing this journey, you gave my life new meaning and allowed me a place to express myself.  Few things mean more than reaching out into the world to connect and having another human being reach back.  Thank you for reaching back.  I love you.  I hope to connect again real soon.

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  1. Kammie, you have touched and inspired me in so many ways, these past 30 days! Thank you for you and I hope to never have to be without you. Love you!

  2. You have been my hero and inspiration these past 30 days and I thank you for getting me to look at myself differently. I volunteer quite a bit so that I can give back to those who have given me so much. I hope that I will be remembered for my kindness and that I will always have friends like you, Kammie, to keep me on track! Love you!!!! <3

  3. Kamie,
    I was scared to play so I just read most days, but I’m emboldened now. I’m going back to day one and starting right there. I want to live life the way you guys do – full of love. Thank you amazing family!

  4. When I first thought of following your blog the first thing I thought of was I’ve never followed a blog before so this should be interesting.

    I wanted check in every day. There were days when I missed the opportunity and I realized once again how fleeting time and life are.

    I am grateful for your commitment to your 30 days of play and I had a blast following and playing.

    On Bob’s 70th birthday, I gave him roses just like I did on his 65th birthday, only this time I wrote a card with a little poem that I also right to you:

    ” Roses are red,
    and yellow,
    and pink;
    you are awesome
    and that’s what I think.”🌹🌹🌹

    Love you, Always, Kammie 🌹 💖

  5. Kammie, what an amazing person, blessing, and gift you are!! I wish I were in your inner circle. Thank you for being my/our HERO and an INSPIRATION. Much love to you ❤❤

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